Saturday, September 23, 2006

Navy Chaplains Conference a.d. 2004 Video (enhanced)

The very talented and technically proficient "Colonel" Steve Isom, member of the board of the wonderful Cayce Historical Museum in South Carolina, has done "double duty" with his enhancement of a video prepared for the Navy Chaplain's Convention on 8 November anno domini 2004 at Founders' Inn in Virginia Beach. Due to equipment access limitations, it was never seen at that convention, but the regular, not enhanced version, was shown three times at Gateway Christian School in Virginia Beach in January a.d. 2005 where the fine Christian History scholar Howard Bass is on the faculty of the adjacent Gateway Christian College.

We pray that you enjoy the images and sounds.

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It was in preparation for this speaking engagement, that "George Washington" "re-discovered" that the Liberty Tree Flag with its motto "Appeal To Heaven" was the true First Navy Flag NOT the "Fake Snake" Navy Jack flag that now flies on the front of U.S. Navy ships.

For more information on that historical controversy, go to http://www.FirstNavyFlag.US

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Spirit of Washington LIVES! In Prayer from Washington County, Maine, to Washington, D.C. to the State of Washington

Washington In Prayer from Sea to Shining Sea, from Washington County, Maine, to Washington, D.C. to the State of Washington.

From East to West, from North to South, from Sea Level to the Mountain Top at Mount Washington, From Sea to Shining Sea --
America is the Land of Washington, a land and people who know it is wise to Appeal To Heaven.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

United States Capitol Members Prayer Room, George Washington in Prayer

President Ronald Reagan said,
"The most sublime picture in American History is of
George Washington on his knees...".

Part of Presidential Speech on 4 May a.d. 1982, on the National Day of Prayer.